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Sep 20, 2010 3:30am PDT
assembled. this is our 18th sister city. formally, our relationships go back to 1957. the idea behind sister cities began when then-president dwight eisenhower recognized we need to reconcile that there were agreed -- disagreement between nations coming out of world war ii and the best way to reconcile the disagreement was people to people that love to say. people, representing cities, perhaps could get it right. that is when the sisters to the movement began. hear, it began with our first sister city in the osaka in 1957, 1st diplomatic relations between the u.s. and japan. we had the privilege of being there is a couple of years back to celebrate the 50th anniversary. if you walk into the international room, you will see that the mayor from a sock and had not been enlarged robot celebrating the 50th anniversary. since then, 17 others have been established. this is number 18. we recently celebrated some significant milestones. 38th anniversary of our shanghai sister city. that was a significant moment, in terms of the relationship, again not just our two cities, but both countries. the firs
Sep 27, 2010 3:30am PDT
in use around the city. updated at regular intervals from the comfort of their home or workplace. next bus uses satellite technology and advanced computer modeling to track buses and trains, estimating are bought stocks with a high degree of accuracy. the bus and train our arrival information can be accessed from your computer and even on your cellular phone or personal digital assistant. knowing their arrival time of the bus allows riders the choice of waiting for it or perhaps doing some shopping locally or getting a cup of coffee. it also gives a greater sense that they can count on you to get to their destination on time. the next bus our arrival information is also transmitted to bus shelters around the city equipped with the next bus sign. riders are updated strictly about arrival times. to make this information available, muni has tested push to talk buttons at trial shelters. rider when pushes the button, the text is displayed -- when a rider pushes the button. >> the success of these tests led to the expansion of the program to all stations on the light rail and is part of the
Sep 20, 2010 7:30pm PDT
for providing us with this opportunity to enjoy this buhl art work and to celebrate the sister city relationship between shanghai and san francisco. san francisco is well-known for it's cultural diversity, and it has always a long-standing and profound friendship with the chinese people. the former mayor, diane feinstein proclaimed the inception of the sister-city relationship between the two cities. and thanks to the concerted efforts after these 30 years. this relationship has achieved remarkable and substantial rulls. there have been 225 projects of cooperation between the two cities. many chinese companies have found a home here. i think what is more significant is that this city is going to stage a san francisco place at the world expo in shanghai. that is an expression of profound friendship and strong special bonds between our two cities, and it will surely give new impetus to the friendship and cooperation between our two cities. this sculpture will stay here for a period of time. i think it will help local people to understand china, understand chinese history, chinese culture and the c
FOX News
Sep 4, 2010 11:00pm EDT
quote evaluations of thousands of city teachers. is the data fair game? welcome to the journal
Sep 7, 2010 8:30pm PDT
here. we just marked an important milestone in our city. i would argue important this nationn francisco has now achieved a 77% diversion rate, the highest in america. no big city can lay claim to diverting that much of their waste, and that is why that composting requirement was so important. this is why our efforts to consumption and distribution and the like of plastic water bottles is so important. it is because we want to reduce that waste going into the landfill. we want to reduce the burden on our environment. we want to create jobs. the folks on the line behind me and above me, those are folks that have employment because of these programs. we have added over 118 people in the last couple of years to the roles of the employed in these green collar jobs because of the recycling and composting programs. we actually created economic stimulus by building facilities like this and putting people to work to do that job. ball the folks out here in the hard hats are also supported by people in the office is doing the processing, doing accounting, doing the bookkeeping, so there is a multi
Sep 30, 2010 10:00am PDT
the city in place of the city attorney's office, on legal issues related to mayoral succession. supervisor campos: thank you very much. this resolution was introduced by supervisor chiu, and i'd like to begin by asking the chief assistant city attorney to please come forward and present on this item. mr. smith, good morning. welcome to the rules committee. >> thank you for the opportunity to address you on this. i would like to touch on three points regarding the resolution. first, to give you an overview of the status of legal advice that the office will be providing as it relates to the mayor's election or campaign. a description of the reciprocal relationship we have with other public entity law firms and how we would envision an allocation of work. finally, our role in the process of assigning work to outside counsel. let me begin with the overview of the status of legal advice. about a month ago, the city attorney issued a public memorandum that describes the protocol of the office -- the protocol the office will follow for legal advice for matters that relate to the mayor's race whil
Sep 18, 2010 8:30pm PDT
, resolution approval the agreement between the city and county of san francisco and the nonprofit institute of aging, community living fund and linkage program services to adults with disabilities for a total not to exceed $13,941,544. >> very good. an and colleagues, i have and perhaps you have on your desk as well, an amendment, actually reset the total amount for the agreement to $16,144,186 and make that amendment here. >> if we can do that without objection. okay. >> good morning, chairman and members of the committee. i'm david flores jr., senior administrative analyst for the human services agency and contracts manager for contracts of aging and adult services. with me is david concern erner. we are here to introduce for your consideration amended resolution 10-0832 requesting your authorization for the agency to enter into a new grant agreement with the nonprofit institute on aging to provide case management and linkage, respite, program services to seniors an adults with disabilities for a total not to exceed amount of $16,144,866. the maximum term we are proposing under this grant
Sep 4, 2010 1:00pm PDT
in amsterdam. athis is the region of amsterda. this is the inner city of amsterdam, and the rest of the city are the suburbs. the whole city, there are 2.2 million people, but the real city of amsterdam, there are less than 800,000, which i think is about the same as san francisco. i will also pass around a few sheets. the important thing is that amsterdam is one of the five major economic central's -- economic centers in europe, and we want to stay that way, and we are an attractive city for international business, like the american and asian companies that like to have business in amsterdam. it is a real nice place to stay. experts like to live in amsterdam, and is accessible from all parts of the world. it is also very important case of cycling. what irony said, 2.2 million and happens, but the last line may be the most important, about 120 kilometers per day traffic jams. that is qu7?) a lot. this distance is not more than 25k. we have a real problem. that is not good for business. for us, it is active transport, really important as a solution for being accessible. ok, does it work? yes.
Sep 23, 2010 8:00pm PDT
as tourists. we are coming up to street to chinatown. since 1957, we are the only city in the world that runs cable cars. these cars right here are part of national parks system. in the early 1960's, they became the first roles monument. the way city spread changed with the invention of the cable car. >> people know in san francisco, first thing they think about is, let's go >> the public wants to access particular information about your house or neighborhood we point them to gis. gis is a combination of maps and data. not a graphic you see on a screen. you get the traffic for the streets the number of crimes for a police district in a period of time. if the idea of combining the different layerce of information and stacking them on top of each other to present to the public. >> other types of gis are web based mapping systems. like google earth, yahoo maps. microsoft. those are examples of on line mapping systems that can be used to find businesses or get driving directions or check on traffic conditions. all digital maps. >> gis is used in the city of san francisco to better support what
Sep 23, 2010 6:00pm PDT
as the city faces increasing budget deficits. we hope there will be some enlightened leadership, if not from our city, from washington, perhaps the fta themselves, independent agency that are not as potenbeholden to the politicl forces in the city, to guide us, in no way that will improve public transit for all of san francisco in the coming years. thank you. >commissioner chu: thank you. are there any other members of the putt that would like to speak? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner dufty: i just want to comment, as a supervisor who has a district including the castro, i cannot imagine the sustainability of my neighborhood without rail transit. the central subway will offer the reliability of hundreds of thousands of people every year to go to chinatown in a very expedited and fast manner, also union square. i think it does set an important milestone, in terms of providing rail access to other parts of the city. i think this is an important project and is good for the city as a whole. commissioner chu: thank you. any other comments from the committee? commissioner cihu?
Sep 2, 2010 7:00pm PDT
was working as an assistant patrol special. there are currently claims against the city with the connection to the shooting earlier this year. you are in the chain of liability, yet you do not have direction and control over these individuals. when it comes to training, while there is a certain level of basic training that patrol specials must have, there is not in fact a patrol special certification. the post does not recognize patrol specials as police officers, nor does the state of california in the court system. they are not police officers. they're very basic, 64 hours, but that's a fear minimum training, other standards. you are allowing them, free of charge, with the exception of the cost of their ammunition, to use your range, and your personnel are taking their time and resources to set up the training's and give the training to these patrol specials. however, you are doing this free of charge and you are doing it without oversight of day-to-day activities. again, the gap has been created, keeping you in that chain of liability. the other area that we looked at
Sep 4, 2010 12:30am PDT
to the commission, as well as all the time that other city departments are placing on this. are very conservative number is not shocking, given the whole budget of the whole city, but it is the fact that the city is providing free services to a private business that have been contracting outside of the city for what ever contract they want to set up without your oversight and recouping the benefit of city services. again, the number is conservative. we do not want to put extra burden on other parts of the city. that is something that you can follow up with with the controller's office to get other numbers, such as the thing with legal cases. we looked at 11 different cases. some of them are in fact placed against the commission, where the patrol specials have pursued the commission. and every case, the patrol specials have lost their suit, but has taken time and resources to defend against those cases. what is noticeable and notable about that is often the lawsuits are against rules and regulations. if you put a role in place, you have been sued for that. -- if you put a rule in place, you been s
Sep 15, 2010 12:00pm EDT
. they want more respect and war engagement from city leaders. -- more respect and more engagement. speaking to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters, he said he is ready to take the house and follow through on his campaign promise to make washington, d.c., one city. ammonal is time for us to look forward. -- >> now is time for us to look forward. >> he gave some verbal jabs toward his former challenger. >> we will work to restore your trust in city government. >> we can see vincent gray over my shoulder getting ready to talk. let's get ready to listen in. >> lorraine green, who has been such a stalwart in our campaign. [applause] i see one of our candidates also here, ron brown. i want to thank him for being here last night and also today. thank you very much for being here. i want you to know how humble i am with the victory last night and with the trust that has been vested in me by the voters. as someone who is a native washingtonian, a product of its public schools, a graduate of george washington university, and having been here all my life, it really gets no better than being able to ha
Sep 3, 2010 10:00pm PDT
>> welcome to district sf featuring district 8. district 8 is well known as one of the city's most beautiful and desirable areas the heart is castro street. dollar is much more to this district. the district includes the mission delores, duboce triangle. corona heights. upper market, eureka valley. noe valley. twin peek. diamond heights, glen park and the san jose gererro area. because it's such a large area we can only scratch the surface in our half-hour program. we will will introduce you to the beautiful attractions, vexing issues and unique plans for the future that make district 8 a special place to live, work and visit. >> i view district 8 as being a little like maybury in the castro it's gaybury. our neighborhoodses are tightly woven. there is a lot of connection of people and awareness of what's going on in the world and the state and locally. >> there are so many things about it. its beautiful. got great views. of the 3 places i have lived 2 had spectacular vistas of san francisco which we appreciate. >> initially when i came here it felt very warm and friendly and we
Sep 6, 2010 6:30am PDT
public safety matters on a number of different issues that were being studied by the city at the time. district boundaries, foot patrols, and general organizational issues in the police department. the consultant did some of this work, so some of you may have seen some of this before, working with the city. the comptroller's office has city efficiency under the charter, and so we work with departments to analyze services and try to get to effectiveness and public safety delivery. we assisted the police commission and responded to the board's request by contracting for this work and a managing on behalf of the city. that is where the comptroller's office comes in. i am joined by two principles of the public safety's strategy group. i will let them introduce themselves and their qualifications. they will walk you through the findings and recommendations in their report, and i am sure we welcome questions as we go along. as the commission said, this is a discussion item. i know there is also interest on behalf of the board of supervisors on having the same discussion at a fut
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
. these actually are d.p.w. maintained trees. so the city has the maintainance responsibility for the trees. a group of neighbors got together and they were proposing to remove the trees and replace them at their cost. but the city would continue to bear the responsibility for the sidewalk repairs society wd these trees. i want to start by saying i think there has been an admirable neighborhood cooperation in this case. we have seen quite a few neighbors come together in support of this proposal. and -- but i would note we did have -- we had two people who objected to the proposal, not from the immediate group of neighbors, but from other blocks in the area. as we always do, we based our decision on the condition of the trees. and you know, our evaluation of the trees led us to grant the removal of one tree at the departmental hearing. so this evening, we are considering the removal of eight trees. there is some some sidewalk damage in a number of cases. the sidewalks have been previously repaired by the city. but we are again proposing that we think the basins could be expanded. this would
Sep 14, 2010 4:00am PDT
and not what was best for the city. the ordinance was written with an eye what is best for the city and trees provide enormous benefits in the form of slowing storm water events, producing oxygen, see questionsering carbon. there is a benefit that these truce provide a benefit and the ordinance directs us to protect the urban forest when we can. thank you. commissioner fung: one tree that was granted aprolve to be removed? >> it was the red flouring gum. it did have a trunk wound on it as well as sidewalk damage that was substantial. but i think it was mostly based on the condition of the tree. commissioner fung: is it the ficus that has the most aggressive root system? >> frequently, they do. they tend to have very aggressive roots. thank you. >> mr. bartlett. >> good evening. i'm ted bartlett. thank you for reviewing our permit request to remove nine trees. i stand here with my neighbors and co-applicants, mike khoi, 812 steiner, and others. it has been a pleasure to become part of the neighborhood and to get to know my neighbors. we are proud of the plan. we prepared it in consultation wit
Sep 14, 2010 6:30pm PDT
but not least, our unions lost a lot of members. we need the union's desperately. the city needs a tax revenue desperately. certainly the other building, they need the work desperately as well. please move this project forward. thank you. >> i was an urban design planner. this is the best chance to revitalize and improve the street. we are fortunate the architects designed this handsome building. this means all of the design guidelines and i urge you to reject the appeal and support the adequacy. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. thank you for your time, thank you for your service. i would like to express support for city place. we are excited not only about the jobs and businesses and pedestrian traffic but also all of the spillover that the additional foot traffic would bring to the businesses in the area. we are trying to support new businesses. thank you. >> good evening, supervisors. i am here to support the project. please support it. >> good evening, supervisors. i've yet to hear anyone say they are against the project. >> and madame clerk, fellow supervisors. let's move forward.
Sep 25, 2010 10:30pm PDT
that can only be called the story. san francisco is a city that knows how to recycle. over the years, our city has been a nationwide later in recycling, and mayor newsom has made it a priority to develop new recycling and composting programs, set aggressive goals, and keep us on track. without further delay, it is my pleasure to introduce mayor gavin newsom, who has some spectacular news. mayor newsom: i think this is the completion of your first week on the job. melanie was with the speaker's office doing similar work, so that we could be successful in san francisco and but in a position to make a lot of the announcements we have been making bore over the last number of years. i happen to think this is a big deal. i think that other cities across the country that struggle to deal with the issue of their diversion rates with landfills that are literally filling up, that are becoming floating regattas of landfills that are being pushed up and down rivers and across the coast and around the continent, that this represents an important milestone, the cities can think differently and act diff
Sep 7, 2010 10:00am PDT
great step. and there are other ways that the city can use civilians. the government under justice has the volunteers in police services. that's been around since the 1990's, and that's a great service. the difference is, the police department enjoys the services of the volunteers, but then the police department can ask them to do certain things, which now you can't with the specials. commissioner dejesus: do you know how many reserve officers san francisco now has? is there a plan to increase reserves? >> i don't know the numbers now. i know there are been more added recently. i'm sure someone from the police department can help me out. >> 42. >> it is growing as time goes on, and as this gets to be more the norm, and now it is growing. we do recommend that it is more. there are a lot of great reasons to use police reserve officers. sometimes you get folks at the end of their career and maybe they want to retire. sometimes people retire and they come back and they spend some time being a reserve. it is also a great recruiting route to get young folks involved in policing. and as r
Sep 11, 2010 4:00pm PDT
were dismayed to hear that the other trees would be in place. as they have seen the large city-installed and maintained trees that obscure the distinctive facades behind them. homes like ben and carols that used to grace calendars and post cards, homes that tourists and history buffs struggle to appreciate through dens foliage. do people flock to our historic district to see the trees or the architecture. is it mike's tree on the right or is it gordon's home on the left that is the main attraction? and why would the d.p.w. wish to perpetrate a costly and dangerous sidewalk scenario on our block when we are willing to remove 10 trees and plant 14 new ones at our expense? and when there's an opportunity to plant top-performing trees with unobject truce i have root structures, saving the city lots of money in sidewalk repairs and lowering the city's exposure to lawsuits from dangerous sidewalks. like the case of mr. laciter who tripped in a tree basin in front of my neighbor's house, now is suing the city for tens of thousands of dollars. the d.p.w. may not have been aware of that
Sep 20, 2010 11:00am PDT
ambassador program, 38% of our interaction with city residents, to date the ambassadors have been up and running for six to seven weeks. we have interacted with over 3500 residents in the southeast sector. 38% of the interaction takes place in a language other than english. it could be any one of the seven languages that we provide, but i would say that the majority of the interactions are in cantonese or mandarin. 10% in spanish, 3% in other languages. 11% of them involve public safety issues, anything from stopping a fight, violent and destructive behavior on muni by riders, these incidents are reported immediately by cell phone. 311 has been a great partner in making sure that community ambassadors have access to other city departments. language translation an interpreter services. this is a pretty ambitious time line that we have, try to get this all finished by december. the language translation and services work will work closely with the police department, mta, 311, hsa, and the victims' services in the d.a.'s office. community ambassadors winter camwent through police academy
Sep 2, 2010 9:00am PDT
by contracting for this work and a managing on behalf of the city. that is where the comptroller's office comes in. i am joined by two principles of the public safety's strategy group. i will let them introduce themselves and their qualifications. they will walk you through the findings and recommendations in their report, and i am sure we welcome questions as we go along. as the commission said, this is a discussion item. i know there is also interest on behalf of the board of supervisors on having the same discussion at a future date, and i am available to answer any questions at how the controller's office may assist or act in the future, and i will stop right there. >> thank you. good evening, commissioners. i am pleased to be back here to deliver this report. a brief introduction of myself, and then the findings. i have been involved in public safety, specifically law enforcement, 25 years, previously being a sworn officer, switching to research and development. since 1994, have been working actively, helping departments across the country with data analysis, researching policies, procedur
Sep 3, 2010 9:00am EDT
to record numbers. schools and test scores improved. city services have never been more reliable and programs to the poor like economic development throughout the city are doing well, better than they ever have. we look forward to the debate. >> that is your time allotted for an opening statement. we will give the same opportunity to chairman gray. you have 90 seconds. >> thank you very much. >> i'm running for mayor because i believe district residents are desperate for a change in leadership. they want a mayor that will continue aggressive school reform but does it in a more who list stick way that engages the entire community. when i am mayor, i will work with a chancellor toward sustainable school reform that focuses on education from birth to 24. i won't leave the special education students and charter schools behind. residents want a mayor who has a real vision and plan for job creation and economic development. unemployment in the district is at an all-time high. it's a travesty that 30% of rest debts inward -- residents in ward 8 are unemployment. my plan puts residents b
Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm PDT
the bay area dogs that helped find survivors. plus mexico city's early quake warning system. can it save lives? and how mexico's devastation helps to show us the most dangerous parts of the bay area in an earthquake. all straight ahead on "second look." i'm heather holmes and this is "second look." today marks an anniversary. it was on this day that a magnitude 8.1 quake hit mexico. while it was centered 31 miles off the pacific coast it wreaked horrific damage in mexico city 240 miles from the epicenter. the numbers from the earthquake are staggering. nearly 10,000 dead, 30 thousands injured and more than 100,000 left homeless. the damage was 3-4-billion. people felt the quake as far north as houston in the united states. and as far south as guatemala city. many of those killed or injured were caught in buildings that collapsed. five days after the 1985 quake, ktvu's lloyd lacuesta brought us this report from mexico city. >> reporter: they continue to find bodies and even survivors in the collapsed buildings of mexico city. in the fallen justice department building a rescue worker said
Sep 9, 2010 5:00am PDT
of the things you mentioned, i remember you telling me is this unfairness. the city contracts for services. we all contract for this particular service, and that it is unfair. can you eelaborate why you are concerned about that? >> sure. san francisco is one of the most low stress cities i've seen. so you have everything fair and open. so you set the rules and authority, but yet people cannot apply to you to be part of the patrol specials. then you have this advantage that -- you know, take a look at the patrol specials web site. they have pictures of the sfpd, pictures of the training academy. they have all this information that links them to the sfpd in really an unfair way. it makes folks think that this is part of the san francisco police department, and it is not . so that is an unfair advantage. the fact you are providing free training for folks that have security guard level training is not fair. if i were to put my shoes in one of the other companies, maybe not one of the larger ones, but if i owned a small security guard company here in san francisco, i think i would be knocking on yo
Sep 20, 2010 7:30pm PDT
of the public, for participating in this ongoing conversation. my office will be convening city stakeholders to talk about what we can do moving forward, and hopefully, move forward with administrative proposals and legislation to address this. if there are no other closing comments, i would like to see if there is any more business. >> no, mr. chairman. >> ok, at this time, the public safety committee meeting is adjourned. >> good morning, welcome to the budget and finance committee. my name is supervisor john avilos, the chair of the committee joined by supervisor sophie maxwell who will be sitting in as a member of the committee in replace of ross who is at the coastal committee. the clerk of the committee is mr. victor young. mr. young, do we have any announcements? >> yes. please turn off all cell phones and pagers. if you wish to speak during public comments fill out a card and turn it in to myself. if you have any 2k0789s please include a copy to the clerk for the file. the board of supervisors agenda on september 21, 2010 unless otherwise stated. >> thank you, mr. young. please if yo
Sep 26, 2010 10:30am PDT
ambassadors have access to other city departments. language translation an interpreter services. this is a pretty ambitious time line that we have, try to get this all finished by december. the language translation and services work will work closely with the police department, mta, 311, hsa, and the victims' services in the d.a.'s office. community ambassadors winter camwent through police academy training. we conduct weekly training with the ambassadors. their telephones are programmed by at&t so they have direct access to police emergency lines, mta's emergency lines. we have regular communication with community advocates. the language translation interpreter services -- this program gave us a real opportunity to look at what it would be like if we expanded a program city why did. -- city-wide. currently, many of the officials are native speakers and they are from the population. they are familiar with local neighborhoods. almost everyone on my staff is a city resident. definitely, all of the ambassadors are residents. also, staff is also completing city certification. we pla
Sep 27, 2010 8:00pm PDT
transportation system and the bicycle community wields much power. sfpd welcome the city wide policy to improve cycling behavior and believes the enforcement of all laws should be undertaken. the mayor's response to the recommendation is that it requires further analysis. all motorists and cyclists must obey and sfpd must enforce all parts of the california traffic code. if not, it can lead to inconsistent enforcement. supervisor chu: i would suggest that we respond by saying we partially agree with the finding. i do not believe the police are reluctant to site simply because of complaints by cyclists, or because of a perceived power. i think there are other instances where police officers are taxed because of the number of officers they have to cover the beats, or other situations in their job. i would say there might be another reason why police officers may or may not be citing cyclists. supervisor mar: i should read the police department's response. in force and should be performed. community outreach to the bicycle community, through the bicycle advisor a committee, schools, retailers will
Sep 16, 2010 7:30pm PDT
be looking through the windows of the bedroom across the street. also, according to the city planning department, for that halley -- for the alley, we have the street height at the property line should be no greater than 1.25 times the alley with. about the height, there should be a setback of about 15 feet. the proposed product is located in a less than 16 ft. wide alley and the height is only 12-foot setback, which is not enough. thank you. president miguel: thank you. practic sponsor, at 2 minutes. -- president sponsor, two minutes. >> the project has been changed by interaction with the planning staff, residential design team, and they have said there is no exceptional or extraordinary circumstances. the d.r. requestor did not participate in the neighborhood meeting or the variance hearing, so we were caught blindsided by the concerns. regarding the three issues, the light issue is not significant. this has a large set back. he is presenting the sun as if it is always coming from the same direction, whereas the architect said the sun moves around and it would not be unusual in our
Sep 18, 2010 11:30am PDT
with a mechanism that actually is somewhat -- to the city and county of san francisco because this was referenced in 2006. the board deliberated and ultimately adopted. with that said, i think that is a better for worse environmental document. this is accurate to the best available methodology. this is complete. i move that we move item 26 or prove item 26 confirming the certification of the final environmental impact report and that we table item 27 which would be the item to the reverse. we look for item 28 making findings. i think that perhaps this discussion would have been more interesting if we had the actual project in front of us. that would be my motion. >> this has been seconded. any further discussion? can we take a rollcall vote. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. >> aye. there are nine ayes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the eir is finally certified. >> i understand the supervisor dufty would like to recall item 23. if you could please take your conversations outside. thank you. >> on item 23, on going to ask if we could rescind the vote and i woul
Sep 25, 2010 1:30pm PDT
. finally, what we think will be one of the really dramatic pieces of the island design, which is the city side our park. the east side neighborhood is built around a commons that is a long, linear park less stretches from the urban core out to the east side with those of you from berkeley will be able to gaze fondly at the new bay bridge. the third neighborhood is yerba buena island, where we will be building new, single-family homes that will nestle with in the concourse and the tree-lined of that existing natural vegetative island to have a very light impact, but to create a terrific new neighborhood. these neighborhoods, which will hold a total of 8000 homes, will be surrounded by 300 acres of public park. what is important is that we create a system in which they provide a wide range of uses so that the maximum number of people within our city and region can take ownership of those, so we have beautiful walking parks that celebrate public parks, but we also have sports fields. we have natural areas like the wild wetlands, and we have a beautiful promenade along a new marina. community
Sep 12, 2010 4:00am PDT
inside their local communities. >> if we value the diversity of our city and we value our diverse neighborhoods in the city, we need to ensure that they remain economically viable. equiping them and equiping residents in those areas with jobs that will enable them to stay in san francisco is critical to that. >> the important thing that i see here at caminos is it helps the low income community, it helps the women who wouldn't have this opportunity otherwise. >> the workers with more education in san francisco are more likely to be able to working that knowledge sector. where they are going to need that familiarity with the internet, they are going to find value with it and use it and be productive with it every day. and half of the city's population that's in the other boat is disconnected from all that potential prosperity. >> we really need to promote content and provide applications that are really relevant to people's lives here. so a lot of the inspiration, especially among the immigrant community, we see is communications with people from their home country but we as much w
Sep 12, 2010 10:00pm PDT
made that decision. finally, why was the city denying our block's request when it approved a similar request in 1995 for the 700 block of steiner? the i conic block, the one that everyone takes pictures of. in hindsight, despite the changes of the ordinance in affecting trees, wasn't that decision an intelligent one? would the 7 hucks block be i conic if the city had said no for tourists and film companies be what it is today had the city said no. my wife and i apale to you to say yes instead of no. doing so will be a win-win for our neighborhood and for the city. moreover the hundreds of thousands of people who visit our historic district each year will applaud your decision as enlightened. and why? they will have two blocks of steiner painted ladies side by side to appreciate and won't be tripping, falling and possibly suing the city to see them. thank you. now ben alison. >> good evening, commissioners. my name is ben alison and i live at 892 steiner street. i'm the president of the alamo neighborhood association. the board voted unanimously to support our proposal to re
Sep 20, 2010 7:00pm PDT
opportunity to look at what it would be like if we expanded a program city why did. -- city-wide. currently, many of the officials are native speakers and they are from the population. they are familiar with local neighborhoods. almost everyone on my staff is a city resident. definitely, all of the ambassadors are residents. also, staff is also completing city certification. we plan to have all of our personnel, even the new, incoming interpreters and translators, and the state certified by december 2011. it is an ambitious process. even the state of california does not even have a good, comprehensive list of what the certified. part of our job is figuring out what that means when you are culturally and linguistically competent. what are the metrics for that? you cannot just have a certificate that says that you ÷ñsrare here by train. there needs to be a standard. finally, i would close with what we see as some of the service gaps. just some examples of what our office and staff hasctjátú through. in terms of victim services, we have quite a few of public- service trainees who are also
Sep 1, 2010 6:00pm PDT
to interview them or selected was working under the city umbrella. you do not have direction and control over their day-to-day activities, within city governments, when they are employees, you are able to direct their day-to-day activities. because they are paid for privately, you cannot do that. you cannot have anyone on the police department find a patrol special and ask them to go patrol somewhere else on your behalf. they do not work for you, they work for the private client. it is a very private business. when we look at private security in the city, they are separate and distinct and not under the umbrella of the city charter. we suggest that is how this operation -- essentially, their security guards performing security services, and like other security guards, they should be separate from the city. right now, they are afforded special privileges as a private company working within the city. some of those privileges include access to police data. on some of the web sites, which promote the activities of the patrol special, they actually say the patrol special goes into
Sep 21, 2010 11:00pm PDT
>> i want to thank you all for being here today. i'm the mayor of the city of long beach, california, and i'm also a trustee of the u.s. conference of mayors. mayors from all over this great state have assembled here today to talk about the energy efficiency conservation block grant program. this is a program that started in 2007, and it delivers funds directly to cities to be able to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and as important, create new jobs in our community. i will just give you a little background in this really quickly. program was originally thought of in 2005 when the u.s. conference of mayors launched its climate protection agreement. the agreement is a landmark measure across the country. the u.s. conference of mayors initiated it. it began with 141 mayors. it now has 1044 mayors that have signed on to the climate protection agreement, committing to reduce our climate footprint in each one of our communities. the energy block grant program has been an integral part of that. it gives us the resources to reduce our energy consu
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